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After devoting two decades to electronic music, releasing tracks on legendary imprints such as Kompakt, Hippie Dance and his own label ILS (Instituto Latinoamericano de Sensibilidad), as well as headlining some of the world's biggest events including the Mayan Warrior at Burning Man, Mexican DJ and producer Diego Martínez (aka Bubu) is setting out on a new musical journey. Alongside his close friends and top musicians Thomass Jackson, Billy Mendez (aka Mendrix) and Andy Kenguan, Bubu embarks on his most personal project to date: WADLEY, a musical act named after his grandfather's place of birth to publish his own compositions as well as the music he created in collaboration with his late father, Dr. Lorenzo Martínez.


'Self-proclaimed' is the debut single of WADLEY's forthcoming album. Initially written as a poem by the artist's father while he was battling cancer, instead of emphasising the pain and struggle, Dr. Martínez—a prominent scientist—used the healing power of writing to confront his mortality with a more uplifting message where he declares himself the winner of the ultimate gift, the trophy of life.


"It is the first poem my dad wrote and it's about the fight against cancer, but his message is just as relevant now. The pandemic's aftermath has made us all suffer some kind of loss, either physical, psychological or emotional. The lyrics are written as him naming himself the winner of a battle, the battle of a disease which has no cure, yet his focus is on the life he lived," says Bubu.


WADLEY draws its inspiration from Bubu's rich musical upbringing listening to a wide variety of sounds from The Beatles and Pink Floyd to minimal techno and Sigur Ros, and fusing it with 80s nostalgia.


Estación Wadley is a small town located in the desert of the Mexican state San Luis Potosí, an entrance to the Wirikuta desert and "centre of the universe", according to the Huichol people. This magical place of connection with the cosmos, stargazing, infinite learning and creativity has been attracting explorers and psychonauts from all over the world.


The music video accompanying the single is the work of Mexican filmmaker Gabriella Fuchs, featuring a group of local dancers during their annual town festival, a nod to Bubu's grandfather's earliest wish—to become a folk dancer.


"I tried to tell the story of my grandfather as well, having been born in extreme poverty, my grandfather finished his doctorate at the age of 18 in Minnesota where he was sent by Mexican president Lázaro Cárdenas, before returning to Mexico and devoting all his life to public service,"


Although this work is entirely personal, it delivers a universal message that will resonate with everyone, it celebrates life and the lives and stories of those who are no longer with us. 




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